KEDIRI. Ahad (07/01), Facilitator of Empowered Village Rumah Zakat with Youth group of Kute Abadi resumes gathering activities and waste weighing in Garbage Bank “Kute Mandiri” Kutukan Wetan Ngadiluwih Empowered Village After being officially inaugurated in October last year.

In this time collection schedule, Kute Mandiri has started getting customers from several areas in the village of Ngadiluwih, Kediri. The concept of management of the Trash Bank is fully managed by a team consisting of Youth Group and PKK woman, with membership of all citizens of Kutukan Wetan and Bendorejo hamlet.

“The implementation schedule of collection and customer deposits carried out every Sunday in odd week, which is also coupled with the activities of healthy house that has been running every week, “Said Ihwan Mujahid, Ngadiluwih Empowered Village Facilitator.

The establishment of this Kute Mandiri Trash Bank – Aded Ihwan – is expected able to become a means of campaigning for environmental care movement as well as being alternative income of residents by converting garbage into penny.

Wardiyanto, one of Trash bank Customer from outside Kutukan Village gave appreciation to the Facilitator for the accompaniment and initiation has been given to the youth and Kutukan Village.

“Thank you for the assistance so that people can be open insight into the development of the village into a sustainable and independent village.”said Wardiyanto.

Newsroom / Dani Suhardi

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