TEGAL. (31/7R) Activity of Resik Barokah Trash Bank in RT. 03 / RW 11 Debong Tengah District, Tegal this week feels so different from the usual because the trash bank visited by KKN students from UPS (University of Pancasakti Tegal).

The visit to Trash Bank is in order to take a closer look at the activities of Environmental Care and Empowerment activities conducted by Rumah Zakat in Debong Empowered Village, this 13 students directly participate in the activities of trash bank such as weighing and sorting waste, Studying the Garbage Bank work process.

Initial communication at the Trash Bank location with these students becomes a good opportunity for Mujib, the facilitator of Berdaya Village to build synergies and cooperation with students to further intensify the empowerment activities and build the community participation in the social activities of Debong Tengah.

“Alhamdulilah can synergize with the college students, they also have agreed to discuss the forms of real action next week. Hopefully this Cooperation can take place and continue even though they have finished implementing KKN. Amiiin “Mujib said

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