RZ Solo Kader Bank SampahSOLO. Waste management is used to be a serious problem in a densely populated area. Its local people usually do not really care on the waste problems. Therefore, to support local people in managing waste properly, RZ initiates a waste bank program in some problematic areas.

One of the target areas is Kadipiro Banjarsari Village, Surakarta. RZ Solo has established a waste bank there as a means of civilizing clean and healthy lifestyle and local people’s means of additional revenue.

Rudy Agustian, Head of Tegal Sari Waste Bank, said that through the establishment of waste bank, local people can maximize waste management potentials such as waste sorting action for urban farming and creative industry.

“Through this program, the member of waste bank will be invited to sort waste in several category namely organic wastes, inorganic wastes, and residue. In addition, the member of waste bank can also obtain additional income from the utilization of valuable waste,” Agustian, said.

Up to August, 2014, Tegal Sari Waste Bank has achieved several awards such as waste bank community referral, inspiring community, and the pioneer of waste sorting action in Solo.***

Newsroom/ICD Kadipiro Banjarsari

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