SUMBAWA BESAR. Rumah Zakat again provides business capital assistance for the underprivileged families in the Empowered Village Program, Jorok Village, Unter Iwes Subdistrict, Sumbawa Regency, Tuesday (11/14/2017) at Mrs. Masri House,  Dusun Jorok.

Repi S, the Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat who directly provided this assistance. “Until now the underprivileged citizens who get business capital assistance as many as 19 families since launched mid-May. Especially for this month, there are 3 families who get business capital assistance, namely Rustam Efendi (34 yrs), Bambang (41 yrs), and Saripah (70 yrs), “he said.

Provision of capital assistance is coupled with coaching and mentoring, so it is expected that the business can run and grow.

“Every citizen who gets business capital aid or beneficiary (PM) will follow the education with Inspirasi Volunteer, so it is expected to grow the bond heart and strengthen Ukhuwah Islamyah,” said Repi.

Wawan Setiyadi, one of the youth leaders who is also the local RW officer who was present at the handover of the relay expressed his appreciation to Rumah Zakat. “As citizens, will continue to support all the programs initiated by Rumah Zakat in our village. Because we see for ourselves, the activities carried out by Rumah Zakat, very useful for the citizens, “he concluded.

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