BANTUAN PEMBANGUNAN MASJID PASCA GEMPA DI PIDIE JAYA.PIDIE JAYA. The earthquake that occurred in Pidie Jaya, Aceh in December 2016 still leaves sadness. The earth quake caused many casualties. Not only that, the earthquake that occurred in Pidie Jaya devastated houses and other public facilities, not to mention a place of worship. It is estimated that there are 63 mosques collapsed affected by the 6.5 magnitude earthquake.


For Aceh, the mosque is not only used for worship, but also used as an educational center and community activities. Therefore, the mosque is one of the places with an important role for the people of Aceh.


One practice that is never interrupted when someone dies is perpetual charity. One of them is to build a mosque. When the mosque is used for worship and used for activities that are positive, then the reward will continue to flow to the people who helped to build the mosque.


Therefore through Rumah Zakat’s opens opportunities for donators who wish to practice perpetual charity with the help of our brothers in order to re-perform worship. With so many donators who provide assistance, Rumah Zakat to build a mosque in the Gampong Hagu, District, Meureudu, Pidie Jaya, Aceh named Masjid meunasah.


The process of construction of the mosque began in late February 2017 ago. The mosque will be built with a size of 13×13 square meters. Starting from the purchase building material, then the construction of the foundation, frame, until now the construction process has reached the stage of manufacture of the mosque’s walls and window frames.


“At present, the construction of Mesjid meunasah had lasted approximately 40%. This construction process can indeed be said to be running quite longer than normal time. That is because many infrastructures should be rebuilt after the earthquake so that the fulfillment of material needs require longer periods of time. Moreover, when it rains, the development process stalled “said Nur Shyfa, Project Monitoring and Evaluation of Rumah Zakat.

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