begini-kegiatan-pembiasaan-diri-rutin-siswa-sd-juara-cilegonCILEGON. Every day, students of SD Juara Cilegon participated in habituation activity before starting learning activities. As seen on Wednesday (09/04), the 1st grade students seen following habituation activity guided by Siti Nurasiah, 1st grade homeroom teacher.

This habituation program is one program that is mandatory for students of SD Juara Cilegon. the usual activities performed by the students are reading al-ma’tsurat, tasmi Qur’an together, listen to inspiring stories, and others.
After following the habituation activities students together perform Duha prayer. As this is a routine performed by Students. The school, especially the homeroom hopes that this program can make students calm and hopefully this program become good habit for students. As expressed by Siti Nurasiah 1st grade homeroom teacher,

“Hopefully by following this habituation, make students calm, given the ease in receiving the material presented by the teacher, and later can be applied in everyday life. So that they become children of Salih / Sholihah, and has extensive knowledge and insight, “he said.

Newsroom/Siti Nurasiah

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