BEGINI KEGIATAN TAHFIDZ DI SD JUARA CILEGONCILEGON.Monday (22/08), Student of SD Juara Cilegon seen to follow tahfizh lessons, In this tahfizh lessons, students were divided into 2 groups. Where one group is for students who have not rote, so be assisted by teacher’s memorized the correct reading. And the other group is for students who have memorized, so they only have to deposit their memorization to teacher.

With this tahfizh lesson students can be expected to be a hafidz. In addition to studying at school, students are also expected to learn and memorized in their homes.

Homeroom teacher has conveyed to the parents, to help students at home to learn the Quran and memorize the verses of the Qur’an. So that students can memorize Quran more quickly. As expressed by Susanto as Principal of SD Juara Cilegon.

“We hope our student could be tahfizh Qur’an. However, to realize this hope, we need the help and the role of parents, in order to guide their children when they are at home. So that students can memorize more quickly “he said.


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