Rianti (7th) the first child of 2 brothers from the couple Empi and Nawiyah. Living in the village of Gegeneng RT 02/01 Suka Dalem Village, Waringin Kurung Serang District.

Rianti’s family is always happy when they are together even though the situation is being squeezed but with all the assembled heart so happy, so the confession of mother Nawiyah.

The atmosphere changed to pained since two weeks ago His father Rianti passed away, leaving sweet memories with his family. Empi last breath after an accident.

“why so fast pack our children still need the little love from you,” said Nawiyah at that time. Now Nawiyah sells vegetables to finance the needs of her children sometimes selling unsuccessful Nawiyah even a lot of debt.

“All this is just a trial we must be strong and patient,” said Nawiyah to Rianti.

Rianti attended school every day at SDN Gegeneng environment. Rianti diligently attended school and aspired to become Police.

Three days ago, Rianti was invited to take a walk by Rumah Zakat to eat together at Saung Grogol Restaurant followed by stationery shopping at Ramayana salemba shop and watch together at Studio 21 Cilegon.

“Thank you donatur, I am happy to be invited to watch and snack school supplies”. Ucap Rianti.

Source: Anak Juara

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