MAKASSAR. Sunday (10/12). Rumah Zakat Makassar carried out the program “Share with orphans (BBY)” with 30 orphans from the Warung Kopi Le’leng Makassar City through donations on Friday. BBY’s activities were held at the Je’netallasa Bath in Gowa Regency.

Anak juara Rumah Zakat foster children departed at 07.00 WITA and traveled for one hour. The laughter of the participants enlivened the trip to the tourist sites, they seemed impatient to arrive at the tourist site. When they arrived at tourist sites, they were enthusiastic and ready to enjoy water rides.


Before enjoying water rides, the facilitator in charge carried out various Fun Games per group to familiarize the participants because they come from different target areas. Start with introductions and then play in groups. The group that wins the most Fun Games then gets a prize.

After playing Fun Games, then proceed with free play. Children enjoy water rides and indoor games. During breaks they have lunch together and get gifts and compensation. The activity ended at 1:00 p.m. and the participants immediately returned to Makassar.

Ikhsan (8 years old) expressed his excitement that he could be invited to join the Sharing with Orphans activity, “Thank God, I am very happy, Sis. There were many games, I could swim together and eat together ” he said.

Children look happy to enjoy the activities from the beginning until the completion of the activity because for them traveling is a rare and luxurious thing, so they were enthusiastic to take part in this activity.


Muthmainnah / Abdullah Sabit

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