There are millions of great solemn stories of salafus sholeh on the mother figure. The best star of the generation of Islam gives a best example of how to worship to mother.

Muhammad bin Sirin once told a story. In Utsman bin Affan’s rule, the cost of the dates reached a very high price. At that time the price is proportional to a thousand dirhams. Then Osama bin Zaid, the 17-year-old warlord, hurried to cut down a date palm tree. He then pulled out the base of the dates which are white, fatty and commonly eaten with honey.

Then he gave that part to his mother. People then wondered. “Usama what are you doing? when you know the date dates are now a thousand dirhams. “Usama very lightly replied,” My mother wants it. Everything that my mother wants and I can get it, I’ll give it to her. ”

Osama’s mother is Umm Aiman. One who took care of the Prophet (s) as his child. While his father was Zaid bin Harithah, someone who faithfully helped the Prophet SAW. Usama is a friend who grew up and grew up in the best of people, in the best neighborhood and met the nicest people.

Although the cost of dates is very expensive, he simply cut it down. Obviously his mother’s wishes far exceeded a thousand dirhams or much more expensive. We should reflect on Usamah’s devotion. Of course we instinctively love our mothers more than ourselves. Mother becomes a magnetic magnet to make a child think, even crying.

How many seminars do we follow, then to the muhasabah (reflection) sessions and moms become part of the contemplation of the moment? We understand what self-reaction when our mother is mentioned. Our day is shaking. It vibrates so much as to shed tears.

If we are honest, our conscience toward mother is great. But we should note, whether the love has been reflected in real deeds? Do not you just be so precious moms in the tears of seminars. While we never ask what his needs? If we wander, have we ever greeted him on the phone just to say hello? Or are we too busy in matters of the world to leave only time during Eid to see her?

We all alone can answer it. Mother is the reason we can stand on this earth. All the good that is born of all our senses, there is a share of the mother in it. A child will always be his mother’s child. Somehow it was. Mothers also become the reason someone to prioritize charity.

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