PALU. Handling post-earthquake disasters is sustainable handling. The assistance needed is still very much. According to BNPB Handling post-earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction disasters in Central Sulawesi is now entering the emergency transition phase towards the recovery phase.

In this phase Rumah Zakat sets out a number of assistance programs to ease the effected people burden. Assistance provided in the form of meeting the needs of residents affected by disasters. Since the emergency response process Rumah Zakat has distributed as many as 10,781 Superqurban packages to the community. Other assistance that was distributed was in the form of construction of temporary shelters, emergency schools, toilets, mosques and preparation of economic empowerment programs.

The Rumah Zakat Chief Program Officer explained the assistance that has been done in stages so far. “At present Rumah Zakat is starting the construction process of shelter located in Palu and Sigi, besides that we have also built 4 emergency schools, emergency mosques, and conducted assessments for economic empowerment programs. Rumah Zakat will continue to assist Palu, Sigi and Donggala communities so that Central Sulawesi can recover soon, “Murni Alit Baginda said as Chief Program Officer of Rumah Zakat.

In this transition period, Rumah Zakat together with the Palu City Government again distributed 20,000 Superqurban packages and basic necessities for each family in Palu.

“Superqurban is not only an effective solution for fulfilling food needs during a disaster, but also a solution to meet the needs of sustainable food,” said Murni.

Since the emergency response period to this day Rumah Zakat has held a variety of disaster-caring actions including deploying 65 volunteer teams to carry out evacuation activities, deploying 35 medical teams along with 3 ambulance units and mobile clinic cars to earthquake affected areas to facilitate the need for medical examinations on the premises.

Furthermore, Rumah Zakat has also distributed 8,116 logistics packages that can be utilized by all residents. Set up 3 public kitchens to meet their food needs. Besides that in the educational aspect Rumah Zakat has established emergency schools and conducted psychosocial services to maintain the psychological health of earthquake victims.

The next plan, Rumah Zakat will continue to try to maximize the distribution of aid to victims in disaster affected areas. “In the future, we plan to establish a village empowered with integrated empowerment programs in the fields of economy, education, health and environment, so that affected residents can return to their lives as before the disaster,” explained Nur Efendi as CEO of Rumah Zakat.



Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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