Work is a big part of someone’s identity, so anything that conflicts with it or challenges it can cause problems. But this constant busyness can actually have a negative impact on mental health and productivity.

“That is why it’s important to relax, take a total mental vacation from work, and allow yourself to recover,” Dr. David Ballard, psychologist, and director of the Office of Applied Psychology of the American Psychological Association, quoted by Travel and Leisure, Monday (10/28).

In a study, it was recommended to take time off. These breaks do not have to be long and luxurious holidays but must be done when someone is no longer thinking about his work.

To get a quality rest time can be done in various ways. The following tips are recommended by experts according to Travel and Leisure.

Take leave

Once you decide to take time off, temporary forget about the messages from your device. Not only do you need to take time off when you don’t work, but you also need to take time off when you don’t think about work.

Plan leisure activities

It is important to plan activities during the holidays that you know will relax you, such as meditation or yoga, walking, or reading a good book. It’s important to plan leisure activities even if you have a very tight schedule for the holidays.

Take time for interesting activities outside of work

Although it is important to relax, it is equally important to engage in activities that are interesting or challenging to you, and are not related to work. For a stress recovery experience, it actually helps if you are involved in something else that is interesting for you. If you are planning a vacation at the beach and will spend time sunbathing, find a number of other activities, even if it’s only one hour a day.

Quality sleep

While the actual amount of sleep you need can vary from person to person, Ballard says the quality of uninterrupted sleep is one of the most important things you can do to recharge.


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