If the child is playing with soil, you will likely prevent it or ask the child to immediately wash his hands for fear that there are many bacteria that cause the disease to enter the body. This is normal for many parents, but do you know, the more protective you are in the children who play the ground, the more likely the child has allergies.


Research conducted by University of Chicago scientists in the field of microbial ecosystems reveals that preventing children from playing with soil actually interfere with the child’s immune system.


Jack Gilbert, the author of the study, says in his book Dirt Is Good: The Advantage of Germs for Your Child’s Developing Immune System, says that the usual ‘preventative steps’ parents take against this child may actually trigger various allergies, asthma and skin diseases eczema . Makes the body become hyper-sensitive to fine powders.


“You have a small soldier cell on the body called neutrophils, and when these cells spend a lot of time looking for something they can do, they turn into angry and proinflammation,” he explained.


“When they finally see something unfamiliar, like pollen, they become explosive. They become reactive, and that’s what triggers asthma and eczema, even food allergies. ”


In other words, these neutrophil cells are like children who need to play and have lots of energy to spend. They want to know something from outside the body, and when they just ‘cannot play’, the reaction shown when looking at foreign objects is excessive.


Jack Gilbert connects with some old research about the bacteria around the child that can actually strengthen immunity, such as accidentally dropped the pacifier and put back into the mouth, licked pet dogs, holding animals and so forth.


Similar to playing the ground, although there are many bacteria in the soil, but it can provide benefits to strengthen the child’s immune, in addition to fine motor training the child against the object.


Hand washing is a good and healthy habit that needs to be built since childhood, but that does not mean it can stop children to recognize the objects around it. Let the child satisfied with his playing, or remind him occasionally if too much.


After playing, just invite the child to wash hands with ordinary soap, not with anti-bacterial soap or hand sanitizer.

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