2504 BORONG DAGANGAN BANG UDIN PENJUAL BANTAL KAPUKCIMAHI. (24/04) Relawan Nusantara Rumah Zakat Cimahi conducted  BnB program, Buying and Sharing actions. Pak Sahruldin or commonly called Bang Udin was the target of BnB program this time, Bang Udin (63) sells cotton pillow. Using a bicycle, he rides around the city of Cimahi from morning until afternoon. He used to carry his 6-10 pillows every day to be sold.

His income from selling cotton pillows only sufficient for daily meals, He also assisted by his wife (Bu Ai) who worked as a nanny. Bang udin who lives in Jl. Cihanjuang Gg. Edeng Kp. Babut Tengah, sometimes only able to sell 1 pillow, it worths 5000 rupiah from each pillow.

“I was not from here, I’m from Padang, and has been living in Cimahi for 20 years and selling pillow to cover daily needs, Thank you sister for buying my pillow may be useful for people who need it” said Bang Udin while telling Relawan.

We distributed these merchandises to the earthquake victims in Tasikmalaya that occurred on Sunday, (23/04) in 8 sub-districts of Kab. Tasikmalaya. And we entrusted this merchandise to Komite Relawan Nusantara who went to Tasikmalaya.

Thanks For the donors who have donated some of their money, hopefully will get the best rewards.



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