Have you ever felt pain in your back after carrying a backpack? Be careful, it might be because of the way you carry your backpack that is not right, causing your back and shoulders to hurt. So that the pain does not interfere with your activities, let us first peek on how to carry your backpack that in a good and right way.

For most people, just wearing one of the backpack straps to your shoulder will look cool. However, it will actually make your back hurt.

In addition, there are a few tips on how to carry the backpack in the right way so that your back and shoulders will not feel pain, including:

  •  Always use both backpack straps to maintain your posture. Just wearing one backpack strap can make your posture worse and cause your shoulders and back to ache.
  • Adjust the backpack straps so that they are on par with your back and feel comfortable on your shoulders. Do not have the backpack past your waist. Have it at least 3 cm higher than the hips.
  • Do not let the backpack sway from one side to the other. This can cause friction on the shoulders and back.
  • Wear a waist strap or chest strap of the backpack if available. It is intended so that the pressure and friction on the shoulders to be reduced.

In addition to the ways on how to carry a backpack above, the American Academy of Pediatrics also revealed a specific rule for wearing backpacks for children. This equivalent institution of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association said that children should not carry a burden on their backpacks more than 10-20% of their body weight.

At least, the heaviest loads can be carried by children ranges from 2-7 kilograms. If it is too heavy, you may replace their backpack with a small briefcase which reduces the risk of back and shoulder pains.


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