In this era, more and more moms who are breast feeding have activities outside the house. Breast milk becomes another option to fulfill a child’s nutrition. This is an important reason in knowing how to store breast milk the correct and right way.

There are many options in where we can store breast milk, like a glass bottle, plastic bottle labeled with free of harmful ingredients, or also specialized packaging for breast milk. It is best to avoid storing breast milk in bottles or plastics used in everyday life. This is because the storage of breast milk affects the quality of the breast milk stored inside.

Keep the Container Clean

In order for the breast milk to maintain its quality, first, which is the most important step, is to sterilize the bottle or the breast milk package where it would be cooled or frozen. Sterilize by boiling the bottle and the breast milk pump that make contact with skin, boil for about 5 – 10 minutes.

Other than boiling it manually, the mother can also use an electric sterilizing machine. Although, before using the machine, recheck the safety and the endurance of the package. Be careful when sterilizing bottles made of glass, because this material is prone to shatter.

The most important point to avoid developing bacteria from the breast milk, are to keep your hands clean during pumping and placing the breast milk in its package. Wash your hands with soap before pumping and wash clean the bottle before sterilizing.

For breast milks that are to be frozen, insert the bottle immediately after pumping. It is better if the mother do not fill the bottle or the plastic package to its full, because breast milks tends to expand when in frozen state.

Specifically for plastic packaging, place it inside a container or another packaging before putting it in the cooler. The reason is because plastic packaging experiences more leakage. Lastly, do not forget to label the dates of the breast milks on the bottle or the package.


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