MALANG. Sunday (25/02) Volunteer Nusantara Malang and Malang Greenpreneur re-synergy and participate in the festival Three Months Clean Trash (TBBS) which organized by the Environment Department of Malang. This event was held in the framework of the National Waste Day (HPSN) which falls on 21 February.

The TBBS Festival was attended by 2000 participants consisting of Kindergarten students, students, communities and the general public. The event that was held in Town Square of Malang was inaugurated directly by Pjs Mayor of Malang, Wahid Wahyudi.

The event which started at 07:00 am opened with morning assembly. After that, the event continues with action. There are several actions held at this festival such as the action of pulling out the nails, moping pavement and garbage picking action. The actions are conducted in malang town square and its surroundings up to a radius of 2 km.

Appropriate directives from DLH, Volunteer of  Rumah Zakat Malang and Malang Greenpreneur incorporated in group O consisting of LPAN Griya Read community, community Combined Riders Malang, SMPN 7 Malang and Pasning perform garbage collection action. This action is done around the area of ​​Pasar Besar Malang.

“I am very grateful to be involved in this action, this action made me realize that the duty of a janitor is very difficult. One hour I scratched the garbage was felt very tired, especially those who almost every day always wrestle with garbage. Let’s reduce waste consumption, so that their burden can be reduced,” said Ahmad Mulyono, one of the TBBS festival action participants.

In addition to the action, the TBBS festival is also enlivened with various competitions such as coloring contest for kindergarten, drawing competition for elementary level, recycled creation competition for Junior high school and fashion show clothing from secondhand goods to vocational and student level. The event with the headline “Towards Indonesia Free of Trash in 2020” went smoothly and pretty lively. The high enthusiasm of Malang residents makes the committee happy and wants to create similar events in the coming years.

Newsroom / Nurul Ulfa


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