KEBUMEN. Thursday, (05/25) Facilitator of Rumah Zakat’s empowered village hold training of catfish cultivation located in the residence of Rumah Zakat’s facilitator, namely Syarifudin. The training was attended by 7 young men from Blater Village, Poncowarno, Kebumen.


“I held this training to provide knowledge and skills to the teenagers around me, so they can have entrepreneurial spirit since adolescence”. Syarifudin said.


The seven teenagers who attended the catfish cultivation training get the material from Risang Purnawan Nugrahanto who has been experienced in such field for four years.


The training was divided into two sessions, namely material sessions and practice sessions. In the material session Risang explained the ins and outs of catfish and how to cultivate it. “Cultivation of catfish is easy because it does not require large land and great capital. The key of catfish cultivation are: water and feed “said Risang who is also Chairman of the local mosque Youth.


In the practice session, the participants were taught how to distinguish the sex of catfish, pond preparation, catfish sorting and catfish feeding practice. “I am very happy there is catfish farming program for teenagers from Rumah Zakat. This activity is very positive, because it teaches us to be an entrepreneur since adolescence ” Angga said, one of the trainees.


According to Syarifudin, the program is not limited to providing training only. “This month we have a training program. Insha Allah for the future there will be channeling again and we will give catfish cultivation capital to manufacture tarpaulin ponds, seeds and feed, ” Syarifudin said.


Syarifudin added, with the program, expected this program can develop the entrepreneurship spirit of the teenagers and provide an alternative of positive activities for adolescents. Besides the benefits that will be obtained entirely for teenage mosque activities, so that youth mosque activities can grow lively.



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