cita-sehat-bina-kader-uks-sdit-cendikia-makassarMAKASSAR. Cita Sehat as one of RZ implementer institutions in the field of health has a mission to form a paradigm and a healthy lifestyle to the entire community, including children. One of the programs that support the mission is coaching of UKS or the School Health Unit.


Periodically, Cita Sehat visited schools in the target area to conduct training for UKS. In the formation of the students especially officers usually UKS receive counseling and medical examination.


As performed by a team of Cita Sehat in the Makassar City on Tuesday (01/11) visited SD IT Cendekia  at Jl. Pongtiku Tallo. Activities undertaken in this visit is blood type check and supplementary feeding for students.


A total of 54 students and 7 teachers do blood type check. Khumaidi, PIC of the activity said that the activity aims to enable the students to know their blood group early on. In addition, they also learned how to conduct blood type.


They are very enthusiastic about our arrival. Orderly, the students and teachers are called alternately by two medical teams on duty until 12 pm. Activity was terminated with supplementary feeding distributed  by Khumaidi.


“They welcome us extraordinary and the event continues to run smoothly. The last agenda is supplementary feeding. This is done in order to support the students of SDIT cendikia nutrition “said Khumaidi at the end of the activity.

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