Milk, raw meat and fish are foods and drinks that are most sensitive to the slightest change in temperature. Therefore, milk, raw meat and fish should be stored in a place that has the appropriate temperature to avoid the growth of bacteria. One of the best options that people can do is to save these three sensitive products in the refrigerator.

Unfortunately, not all understand that every area in the refrigerator has a different temperature. Therefore, the storage of milk, raw meat, fish and other sensitive products should be placed in the right area of the refrigerator.

As reported by the Independent, Chef Daniel Norton reveals the higher the position a rack in the refrigerator door, the warm temperatures also covers the area. Therefore, Chef Norton suggested food and beverage products that are sensitive should be stored in the back or bottom of the refrigerator.

Food experts also revealed that each food and beverage products have different storage time limits in the refrigerator. For example, milk can be stored in the refrigerator more than one week after the date of sale contained in the packaging.

Period faster storage owned by chunks of raw poultry meat. Raw poultry stored in the refrigerator has an ideal period of one to two days after the product is sold.

Source: Republika.co.id

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