SOLO. Sulasmi (32 years old), a resident of Wonorejo RT 1 RW 18 Bejen Karanganyar, said that her tempe chips business had improved both in quality and quantity after being accompanied by Rumah  Zakat Facilitator.

Previously, Sulasmi ran her business in a modest way, without planning and without paying attention to hygiene in the production process. Previously, in the production process she used manual methods in destroying soybeans, the product fermentation process was placed on the floor, the frying pan used firewood over the kitchen with a ground floor, after frying the product was only save it in open basket and very likely to be visited by mice at night.

However, the production process gradually increased after getting assistance from Rumah Zakat Facilitator. To destroy soybeans, now he has a soybean breaker machine, the product fermentation process is placed on a production table, a frying pan on a stove, a cement-based kitchen and after frying the product is put into a large airtight box so it will not experience changes in taste and crispness.

“In terms of quantity also has increased. Initially Sulasmi in a day was only able to produce about three hundred tempeh chips from 3 kg of soybeans “Said Facilitator of Rumah Zakat,  Etik Sukarno

Now – Etik added- because she already has a special stove for chips, the producer has up to seven hundred tempe chips per day from 5 kg of soybeans.

Currently Etik is also accompanying the process of submitting PIRT numbers to the local office. Currently is waiting for the schedule for training and the next process to come. After having a PIRT number, Sulasmi plans to package a more elegant product so that it can penetrate into the modern market.



Habib Novan / Lailatul Istikhomah


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