DINAS KESEHATAN PROVINSI RIAU RAMAIKAN PBSPEKANBARU. On Friday (27/01), Smiles Sharing Week (PBS) held in two elementary schools located on Pulau Karam, Kec. Sukajadi. PBS activity is intended for students of SDN 13 and 14 which are schools with UKS program under Cita Sehat guidance.

PBS activity itself is a program initiated by RZ in order to facilitate people who want to share knowledge. Various people can become participant in the activities of PBS. No exception from the government.

As performed by Rosita, SKM. She is representative of the Riau Provincial Health Office who agreed to attend the event PBS to provide materials about the Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBs). His arrival certainly was warmly welcomed by the schools and event organizers.

“Previously, we once made a MoU with the Provincial Health Department of Riau in supporting the program of Cita Sehat with RZ. So inshaa Allah we will contact them for support, “said Fifi, Public Health of Cita Sehat Pekanbaru.

PHBs socialization was conducted to 670 students which is a combination of 4th to 6th grade students from both elementary schools.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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