GAZA. The Gaza Strip is one of Palestine area that lack of electricity supply. Electricity is only lit for at least 4 hours per day, consequently Gaza is dark at night.

“Due to the lack of electricity, almost every house in Gaza has solar panels to be able to get electricity. It was most just enough for turn on the lights at night with dim quality, “said Andri Murdianto, Crisis Center Dept Head of Rumah Zakat.

This situation lasted from June 2017 when Israel decided reducing electricity supplies for the two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Since the only power station in Gaza run out of fuel and could not operated in April 2017, then Israel’s electricity supply becomes very important which is supplying about 80% of the energy available in the Gaza Strip.  That’s why, Rumah Zakat distributes LED lights for 1000 Palestinians in Gaza Strip on Monday (15/01).

“We are distributing LED lights to families affected by Israeli attacks. There are widows, disabilities and needy families who do not have a job, ” Andri explained.

“Every family gets 2 types of LED lights, one has to use electric and some are using solar energy as well as solar panels, “he added.

Newsroom / Ria Arianti


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