PROBOLINGGO. Today (08/23), with the same enthusiasm as on the first day, sacrificial animal slaughter officers and QC (Quality Control) officers gather on Rumah Zakat farm yard to carry out the morning assembly and perform prayer together before starting slaughter.

“Please pray, on the second day we target slaughtering 1,650 goats and 237 cows,” said Hermansyah Field Coordinator.

At noon, the team consist of mothers were very excited cut up the meat from the bones, then a collection of Qurban meat that had been separated between bones and skin was sent with Box cars to be brought to the factory to be processed and packaging into corned beef and rendang Superqurban.

“Thank God, so far the qurban process runs smoothly and is conducive, pray that each process can run well. Aamiin,” Hermansyah added.


Yadi Mulyadi / Lailatul Istikhomah

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