For many people around the world today, cell phones are the first thing to see after waking up from a long sleep at night. Whatever is on the cell phone is usually associated with work or other activities that require it.

In this day and age, mobile phones are the main need of many people, starting from allowing communication to run smoothly, to other things such as opening maps, calendars, and emails. Despite having exceptional functions, cellphones and other types of electronic devices can have negative effects when overused.

Reported by Times Now News, studies from IDC shows that about 80 percent of smartphone users often check what is on their devices for 15 minutes after waking up in the morning. Many people are also out of control using a brand device and understand there are negative effects of this.

However, what exactly happens to the body when you open your cell phone in just a few minutes after waking up? Here is an explanation.

The first effect of opening a cell phone shortly after waking up in the morning is putting yourself in a stressful situation. Checking what’s on the cellphone is not the right way to start the day, given the fact that you will see a large number of messages, both from e-mail and in conversation applications such as Whatsapp. This will really affect you in starting the day with a calm and comfortable mind.

Nikole Benders-hadi, a psychiatrist says by looking at your cellphone when you wake up, you will start a day that will eventually increase your stress level or make you feel overwhelmed. A study by a team from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found that high frequencies in cell phones are directly related to an increased risk of sleep disorders and depressive symptoms in young men and women.

Checking your cell phone as soon as you wake up not only disturbs your mind but also makes distractions for the whole day. Using a cell phone in the morning can also affect the brain’s ability to prioritize tasks.

“The excess information about you before one fully wake up interferes with your ability to prioritize tasks,” Benders-Hadi quoted as saying by Elite Daily.

In addition, seeing your cellphone when you wake up can take up your time and attention, so that in the end you become less productive. Research also shows that using a smartphone for too long can put you at a higher risk of developing neck syndrome, blurred vision, being overweight, to obesity.

Therefore, one thing you can do to reduce the negative effects of cellphones and other gadget devices is turning off data mobile, as well as putting your phone in flight mode before going to sleep. This will certainly avoid listening to message notifications or anything on the cell phone.

You can also try not to use an alarm from your cell phone and try again with a classic alarm clock. Thus, you do not need to hold and check the cell phone in the morning as the first thing to do.

Start the morning with more healthy and pleasant habits. Like drinking a glass of warm water, exercising, or meditating, then do the activity as usual.

Thus, although it does not completely avoid the use of a smartphone, it can reduce the negative effects of this. Try the tips that have been mentioned and feel a more comfortable atmosphere for the whole day.

Source: republika.co.id

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