EKSTA ROBOTIK SD JUARA JOGJAYOGYAKARTA. (6/03) Extracurricular activity is one of the student activities program in SD Juara out of learning hours. From some extracurricular activities that is participated by student is Robotics. Robotics Extracurricular has lasted for several weeks, and which follows the robotic extra activities are grade 6 students which were divided into two groups, a group boys and a group of girls.

Extra activities are carried out on Monday is housed in SD Juara Yogyakarta hall with Mr. Bayu Ikhsan alloying. The objective of extracurricular robotics is that the ability to think and be creative siawa can adapt to the development of information and the development of technology that is currently growing more rapidly. In addition, this robotic extracurricular activity can stimulate student to think systematically and structured in solving a problem, improve the skills of the student’s imagination, train students cooperation and compactness in the group and can exercise patience and perseverance of students.

Source : sdjuara-jogja.sch.id

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