According to Imam Dzun Nain Al-Mishri – rahimahullah -, Allah’s chosen servant has four traits:

1). If you are alone, continue to do good deeds. Because what is sought for is the ridha of Allah, not the praises of others. Allah sees everything that the servants do. Nothing escapes Allah’s calculations.

2). Still likes to give or share to others, even in limited conditions. Because the generous nature is not because of one’s possessions, but because of the intention in the heart to seek ridha, and this is only taufiq from Allah. So look! How many people possess but cannot afford to share a little with others.

3). Do not like popularity and not ambition in achieving position. Because these two cases are very dangerous slanders and have killed many people. Whoever has entered into these two things (popularity and greed for a higher position), is very unlikely to survive.

4). For the person, praise and reproach are considered the same. One will not soar because of praise, and will not feel sad because of reproach. A good person will not feel bad because of being insulted, and a bad person will not feel good because he is praised. The glory of a servant is only determined by the degree of his devotion to Allah.


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