FARHAN ANAK PENJUAL KERIPIK INI RAIH JUARA PERTAMA MTQ TINGKAT KABUPATEN PANDEGLANGPANDEGLANG. Ade Farhan (14), son of cassava chips sellers from Cilegon has won first winner of MTQ for qori category implemented in Cibaliung District Ujung Kulon, Banten on Wednesday night (March 15, 2017).

Farhan, he familiarly called, listed as Rumah Zakat Cilegon foster childen and the Student of MTS Al-Jauharotunnaqiyah Pasir Angin is a diligent and excel, since elementary till junior high school he always gets ranked in school as well as activities outside the school he often get the achievement. The Trophies achieved by Farhan lined up at home and at school.

Farhan is a son of the couple Nadif (father) and Juariyah (Mother), Ade is the second of four siblings. Everyday he helps his parents to deliver “Cassava chips” made by his mother to stalls which are not far from his home by using a bike which he had borrowed from a neighbor. His father did not work anymore because often sickly and that’s what motivate Farhan to always enterprising and keep learning.

Although still fairly young children, Farhan has a noble heart, he wanted to help his parents. Reward he got from various competitions He Leave it to his mother to buy operational vehicles to sell.

“I will save the reward money from the competition to help my father to market our cassava to a larger so we can sell more” He said softly.

Luckyly for education, Farhan get help from Rumah Zakat Cilegon so as to lessen the burden of parents.

Ade Farhan, add to the list of Anak Juara’s achievement of Rumah Zakat Cilegon. Previously Siti Maariyatul Qibtiyyah, Hanifa Rohmatusysyayidah and Riki Supriyadi are also winners in MTQ comeptition held on 27 February to 3 March 2017.

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