PERTEMUAN DENGAN RAJA SALMAN JADI PELUANG SINERGI ZAKATREPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Forum Zakat attended a meeting with King Salman in his arrival at the Parliament building on Thursday (02/03). Zakat Forum Chairman who is also the CEO of Rumah Zakat, Nur Efendi said that this is the history of the Forum Zakat and the Amil Zakah Institution in Indonesia.

Nur expected the arrival of King Salman in Indonesia will make an agreement between Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. In addition, the program is expected to have collaboration and capacity empowerment of zakah in Indonesia.

In line with Nur Efendi, Chairman of the Indonesian Ulama Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia), Ma’ruf Amin who is also Chairman of the Islamic Council of Rumah Zakat (Dewan Syariah Rumah Zakat), expected the arrival of the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to increase investment in the sharia economy in Indonesia.

“The Saudi King’s visit give trust on investment in Indonesia, hopefully Indonesia is ready with the investments,” said Ma’ruf.

King Salman arrived in Indonesia on Wednesday (01/03). President Joko Widodo welcomed King Salman at Halim Perdanakusuma airport. After that, they had a meeting in Bogor Palace. King Salman will be in Jakarta and conduct other activities until March 4.




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