SDGs SHARING SESSION PENYALURAN ZAKAT PERLU DIPETAKANJAKARTA. CEO of Rumah Zakat, Nur Effendi said that zakah institution had coordinated an informal basis about the government’s poverty alleviation program. This is expected to achieve the target of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Nevertheless, Nur admitted that today there has been no formal restriction on the coordination between the government, private and charity organizations in the mapping of zakat funds to be more optimal in helping to eradicate poverty. So it is possible if the program carried out by the institution of zakat be overlapped with the government or private organizations.

“The zakah point must be specified, which one is already done by Rumah Zakat, and which one that already done by the government. The point that we still missed to empower.” said Nur in a Share Happy Energy – Rumah Zakat discussion, at Meradelima Restaurant, Jakarta on Wednesday (01/03).

Nur explained, Rumah Zakat raise funds amounting to Rp 225 billion from alms and zakat public in 2016. The funds, channeled to developme programs including 800 empowered villages in that year.

“Well, in 2017, the program will add 280 villages more. We want to build empowerment of the village, so the people will no need to urbanize to the city to get prosper life anymore, even to be Indonesian Workers (TKI) abroad, “said Nur.

Empowerment Consultant of Rumah Zakat, Bagus Aryo said that today people who receive benefits from Rumah Zakat is 13 million people, which is accumulating since 2003.

“Based on the research of IPB, poverty programs which have done by Rumah Zakat can help to decrease the poverty line of people by 50 percent,” said Senior Lecturer of University of Melbourne.


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