MALINGPING. Erik (12 yrs) is a good in Silat martial arts. Currently, he is sitting in the 6th grade Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri Cikeusik. When he first got to know him, he seemed like a rather active boy because of his favorite martial arts. Rather than having to study in class instead, he prefers to participate in sports or martial arts, therefore, he is better known to his friends the trespasser, even though his trespassing is used by a positive thing.

When Rumah Zakat’s Facilitator was invited him to go for a trip to Waterpark Malingping He was very happy, because he rarely travels. He is an orphan child, Erik currently lives with his grandfather and uncle in the area of Malingping, West Java.

Arriving at the Malingping Waterpark, Erik disappears instantly. No doubt the Facilitator of Rumah Zakat is confused looking for Him. And it turns out Erik already swims in the middle of the pool, Masya Allah. Behind Erik’s behavior, there is a positive thing about him. He is very initiative and has a high spirit in the field of sports. So when he saw the water he just jumped because he was quite adept at swimming.

Erik is one of the children who need to be noticed in terms of talent and ability, he may not be forced to excel in academics but in the field of sports, he is quite prominent. But because he orphaned he seldom to do his hobbies and talents because of limitations and constrained cost he has.

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