field-trip-belajarnya-asyik-tahunya-enakSEMARANG. SD Juara Semarang held a field trip to Industrial manufacturing of Tofu “Asin Tegal” on Tueday (11/15). As a follow-up task students are asked to perform final semester Portfolio Evaluation tasks, or a reflection of the Activities Field Trip for learning in Odd Semester of SD Juara Semarang, the activity end with Field Trip activities.

Therefore, next week begin preparations for the Assessment Final for Odd Semester Final Examination. Therefore, on Thursday (11/17) the student must submit a written reflection of what they have visited yesterday within two days.

The visits to Industrial manufacturing of Tofu “Asin Tegal” has something to do with the Basic Competence of Indonesia subject, namely Understand the explanations from sources (farmers, businessmen, merchants, and fishermen), Tells result of observation / visit in the form of a report with proper language, write essays based on experience by paying attention to word choice and correct spelling, and a simple interview with a speaker directly with polite language.

In math, the class teacher to link with Basic Competence: Perform mix integer arithmetic operations include: addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division), in which students answer word problems about marketing of Tofu “Asin Tegal”.

Field Trip activities are expected to be able to carve out a new experience for students, “The field trip is very cool, I can eat tofu from Tegal although I live in Semarang” said baydillah spontaneously. ” “ the tofu is delicious,” added the other children.

Newsroom/Arif Rahman

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