GELAR PEKAN BERBAGI SENYUM, SD JUARA LATIH SISWA BUAT GANTUNGAN KUNCI 'POMPOM'PEKANBARU Breakthrough continues to be done by SD Juara Pekanbaru to improve the abilities and skills of students. One of them is to hold Smile Sharing Week.

Smile Sharing Week activity also conducted training skills for students, one of them how to make crafts such as key chains named “Pompom”. As performed on Friday (08/18) by fifth grade students, the students trained to make “pompom” key chain, this key chain made of wool.

Exercise guided by a guest teacher, Rena Afri Ningsih, a student of Midwifery departement. Event followed by 22 students from 5th grade.

“It was easy to make “pompom” key chain, no need to spend much time to make it, I can do it by myself at home.” Said zahara fifth grade student.

“Thank you Ms. Rena for the visit to SD Juara Pekanbaru, It is Ms. Rena second visit after last year in the same program. Children are very pleased to be taught to make pompom, “said Vice Principal for Curriculum affair, Yesi.


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