CIMAHI. GROW one of the flagship program SD Juara Cimahi, free school targeted Rumah Zakat. GROW is held before semester 2 every year in teaching and learning activities. The academic year 2017/2018, GROW is held from 8 – 10 January 2018. Followed by all students from grade 1 to grade 6.

The second day of GROW, Tuesday (09/01/2018) Siswa Juara are invited to be skilled in listening, acting swiftly and always ready in everything including environmental awareness. Starting school activities, students are invited to perform ant operations clean up the school environment then watch together watching the movie “Banyu Adventure in Garbage Land”.

“First time to go to school after a long holiday is an important time to be considered because students must be ready to learn again start KBM in semester 2. So there is an activity to restore the spirit and readiness of students, so that the activity program to restore the spirit of students is named GROW. Hopefully all students have enough preparation to better study in Semester 2, “said Jajang Sudarsa elementary school teacher SD Juara Cimahi.

The GROW program’s Line Tag this year is “We Are Watching, We’re Spry, We’re Ready”. After the lunch break, students learn to create creations with bottled mineral water bottles. Each student turns the bottle into a watering plant. Ended the activity, after praying dhuhur grade 4 and 6 students are invited to witness a cooking demo with Ibu Fipit teacher homeroom 5.


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