PAPUA. From September 2017 to January 2018 there were 51 deaths from the outbreaks of measles that struck 5 districts in Asmat District, Papua Province, in Swator, Fayit, island three, Jetsy and Siret where the victims consisted of infants and toddler. Currently, Asmat District Government has set up five teams that will provide immunization for children and toddlers in 224 villages in Asmat to prevent repeated outbreaks of measles in the future.

The case of measles epidemic is worsened with the condition of Bad and Extreme Nutrition based on data from Papua Province Health Office has been going on during 2016-2017. Bad nutritional conditions have claimed lives, at least 60 people in Asmat District, mostly children, died during December 2017 and malnutrition due to illness as quoted from (15/1). Geographical conditions and lack of medical personnel are the main causes of the Malnutrition case.

Therefore, in order to assist the government has deployed the team to the field, Rumah Zakat initiated a food aid program to help overcome the Extraordinary Events of Measles and Malnutrition in 5 districts in Asmat District, Papua.

“Currently we are coordinating to immediately send food aid to Asmat District. The journey there is quite challenging, in addition we have to take a plane from Jayapura, we also have to use small ferry boats to arrive at the location, “said Wahyu. “But God willing we are ready for it,” he added.


Newsroom / Ria Arianti


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