CIMAHI. Wednesday (25/10) All elementary students of SD Juara Cimahi get lunch menu through program of Nutrition for the Champion presented by donators of Rumah Zakat. As many as 155 students ranging from grade 1 to grade 6 get this free lunch.

In a joint meal activity that is guided by homeroom teacher also become a learning sesson about attitude and table manner.

In SD Juara Cimahi all students are required to bring lunch, not infrequently some students do not bring lunch, not for forgetting but because there is no food that can be made lunch for the day. Or there are some students who bring lunch with the same menu everyday, not because they love it but because it is only food that can be purchased. In schools they recommended to share but not to begt.

This moment has always been the solution to be grateful to all elementary students of SD Juara Cimahi.

“Thanks donators of Rumah Zakat” said 1st grade students of SD Juara Cimahi while cheering happily.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah


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