RUMAH WAKAF INDONESIA HADIAHKAN QURAN BRAILE UNTUK SASAKEDIRI. A little girl Sasa Salwa, 11 years old, lives in Campurjo Jowah Pasar, RT. 07, RW. 02, Kepung, Surround, Kediri right behind PHC Brumbung. Unfortunately the little girl is suffering from a brain tumor from the age of 6 years.


Mrs. Anik, Sasa’s mother said that before this disease, Sasa is a cheerful girl, lively and smart. But one day, not as usual, Sasa becomes quiet, often complained of dizziness and once the conditions started to drop.


Seeing her condition, the family checked the condition of Sasa. And after going through a series of checks, it is known that there are symptoms of a tumor in her head. We perform the surgery for early stage hose fitting on the head by utilizing BPJS services.


After Sasa’s surgery sasa required performing further surgey that is a major operation, but the family was reluctant because the risk is great. A chance for successful operation is too small, due to the location of the tumor in the brain. “Case like this is a rare case,” said the doctor who handles Sasa.


Allhamdulillah after surgery Sasa situation is much better, than before the surgery. Salsa does not feel pains anymore. Sasa’s weight is getting back to ideal. “But because of the effects of the disease, now she con not see and walk. Left ear hearing began to diminish, “said the mother of Anik.


Viewing conditions Sasa today, Rumah Wakaf Indonesia (RWI), which is a partner of RZ few days ago sent a Quran braille for Sasa (01/16). “Hopefully Sasa cat get well soon and Quran Braille red by Sasa bring goodness for sasa and donators.” Said RWI representative to Sasa.



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