HARI GINJAL SE-DUNIA DISAMBUT MERIAH OLEH WARGA KOTA MAKASSARMAKASSAR. (03/28). Health is very important to note. In addition to implementing a healthy diet and doing exercise, medical check-ups or regular health check is one of the important steps taken to maintain body condition. But it is becoming a habit of many people that they would only carry out health check when they are sick, but prevention is better before the disease came.

This time in order to commemorate World Kidney Day (WKD) Rumah Zakat invited residents to focus on the prevention of kidney disease early in order to build healthier future generations.

World Kidney Day commemoration was held on Tuesday, (03/28), at RT 01 RW 03, Paccerakkang subdistrict, Biringkanaya district, Makassar.

8 Rumah Zakat volunteers participated in the action this time. As for the kinds of activities undertaken are Healthy Excercise, Health education, blood pressure monitor, Metabolic Check and Supplementary for children as well as eating fruit together. The people who come, both children and parents are so enthusiastic to follow a series of activities. They were very happy that these activities.

“We are very grateful and thankful for these beneficial activities ranging from sports, counseling, and health checks and even eat the fruits together” said Mr. Davis, local community leaders.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah


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