hipertensi-atau-tekanan-darah-tinggi-_160519084432-589 Hypertension is commonly experienced by adults. But make no mistake, besides occur in the productive age, the incidence of hypertension also commonly found in children. This was revealed by one of the founders InaSH (Indonesian Society of Hypertension), Dr. Ann Soenarta Arieska, SpJP (K), FIHA.

She says that many people think that hypertension is found only in adults. Whereas, an increased of adult hypertension mostly occurs because it is not done early detection from childhood.

“In other words, early detection from childhood is necessary to prevent the occurrence of hypertension in adulthood. Therefore, children aged more than three years should have their blood pressure checked regularly, “She suggested to reporters in the Press Conference World Hypertension Day.

The prevalence of hypertension in children, according to one study is one to two per cent and is now seen an increase, partly due to the increased incidence of obesity in children, lifestyle changes which children are less active or moving, too many playing devices or watching television, high dietary intake of salt, as well as beverages containing alcohol and caffeine. As well as smoking, mental stress and lack of sleep.

According to her, children with hypertension are at risk nearly four times more likely to suffer from hypertension in adulthood compared to normal children. Hypertension in children has an impact on cardiovascular health in adulthood.

Factors that influence the occurrence of hypertension in children are age, gender, body size and muscle mass, and height. In addition, the blood pressure of men is higher than women the same age.

Others factors are because age, a child is getting high blood pressure. In addition, the limit of normal blood pressure in children is different for each age group, gender, and height.

He presented that in newborns, hypertension may occur due to renal artery thrombosis (blood clot in the kidneys). Whereas in children, hypertension is caused by abnormalities secondary, ie renal abnormalities in the network (78 percent), endocrine disorders such as hyperthyroidism, hiperaldosterone or Conn’s syndrome etc. (12 percent), pharmaceuticals and Coarctation of the aorta (narrowing of the aorta) , While in young adults, hypertension is often caused by disorders such as essential or primary hereditary factors and unhealthy lifestyle.

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