ALLAH SWT creates the universe in a process. Not instantly in an instant become the universe. This is not to suggest that Allah Almighty does not have a Power in creating the universe simultaneously.

There is a wisdom behind the creation of the universe in process. Allah (SWT) teaches His servant that everything takes process, does not just happen instantly. Similarly, in living this life.

“And He created the heavens and the earth in six days,” (Surah Huud: 7).

In the verse it is said that Allah created the universe in six periods. Well, the question is how long a period is?

Many people differ on this point. Some say seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and years. Then, which is correct? Indeed the meaning of the word ‘time’ in this verse is a time interval that cannot be measured. Only Allah knows the truth.

We often hear the phrase “Kun faya kun (So then he did).” The purpose of the phrase is not direct when Allah says it happens immediately. Rather it is on progress or through the process.

If we apply it in this life, then there is not a single pleasure that comes suddenly. Everything needs a process. Nothing instant. Even instant noodles even need a process to be ready to eat, which is boiled first.

Therefore we should live this life by following the existing path and follow the process. Of course by orient to God and His Messenger, then the process of going to good immortality will work well. There will always be obstacles in taking a process. However, it can be a very valuable value if we are able to make that obstacle as a wisdom of life.

By: M. Ridwan Effendi, M.ud

Source: Islampos.com

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