Dr. Zaidul Akbar reminded Muslims to start changing their lifestyle and consumption patterns to avoid various types of diseases. One of them is by no longer eating at night.

“Night is the time to synthesize enzymes, hormones, systems, and organs,” Zaidul said in a talk show entitled ‘The Key to Healthy Living in the Current Age’ at the Jakarta Convention Center, Central Jakarta, Saturday (31/8).

The suggestion not to have dinner tonight, said Zaidul, according to what was conveyed by Allah in surah An-Naba’. According to Zaidul, Allah created the night for humans to rest.

Because, he continued, the human hormone works according to the rhythm of the sun. When the sun comes up, the sympathetic hormones appear. “When the sun sets, so Allah is told us to rest,” he said.

The pattern of life in not eating at night, said Zaidul, is something that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) practiced. The Prophet always sleeps after Isha to worship at midnight. If someone keeps eating at night, said Zaidul, it will be difficult to get up at night. “Because all Islamic law is healthy. If the midnight prayer is not possible cancer. Likewise if one prays Dhuha then the heart will be healthy,” said the author of the Healthy Style Rasul.

For that, he suggests that Muslims begin to stop eating at night. At least, do not consume food like during the day which has a high amount of calories.

He also reminded Muslims not to overeat. Because, when the body needs to consume a lot of food, the auto detox process in the body cannot work.

“Obesity itself has been said by the Prophet as a phenomenon of the end of time,” he said.

He also suggested that Muslims start to eat less. One of them can be realized by fasting. If Muslims do not immediately change their consumption patterns, said Zaidul, it will be difficult to realize the golden generation of Islam. There will never be a generation that can rival Al Fatih or Khalid Bin Walid.

Source: republika.co.id

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