MALANG. (14/5) The lack of health facilities becomes one of the obstacles in ensuring the health status of the elderly, especially for the elderly who have physical limitations. Cita Sehat Foundation as one of the NGO (Non Governmental Organization) engaged in the field of health offers solutions to the problem with the program “Home Visit Friendly Elderly”.

Home Visit is one of the activities included in the Friendly Elderly program. In the event, Cita Seat Foundation provides medical teams to visit the elderly with limited mobility. This program has been implemented throughout the Cita Sehat target areas throughout Indonesia.

Mbah Khumaiyah, this 70-year-old woman is one of the elderly who has become a regular patient home visit conducted by Cita Sehat Foundation with Rumah Zakat. For a long time, Mbah Khumaiyah suffered from acute uric acid. So that makes it difficult to do everyday activities even walking difficult.

“When walking, i feet hurt, For walking out i get difficulty, especially if i have to go to the health center. Alhamdulillah now there is a doctor who came to my house, so i can check routine for every month and now the situation has improved “said Mbah Khumaiyah.

Two medical teams complete with medical equipment and medicines visited Mbah Khumaiyah’s residence. There, they conduct a medical examination and provide direction to Mbah Khumaiiyah family about what steps should be done to support the health of Mbah Khumaiiyah for better.

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