BANDUNG. In 2017, Rumah Zakat is 19 years old. A young age for an organization to realize its vision and mission, nevertheless, many targets for improving the quality of performance and work for the nation that became the commitment of Rumah Zakat. Among them are providing the best services to donors, partners and beneficiaries of Zakat, Infak, and Sadaqah (ZIS).


Alhamdulillah, the commitment and performance of Rumah Zakat get a warm appreciation from the public. Among them is the election of Rumah Zakat became # 1 Champion Indonesia Original Brand (IOB) released by SWA Magazine and SWA Business Digest, for ZIS category. The four variables measured in this IOB survey are satisfaction, loyalty, advocation, and local brand competitiveness level.


Satisfaction is measured from the respondent’s statement about the agency’s ability to fulfill the main function of the quality offered, as well as the comparison of benefits and costs. Loyalty is measured by how much the likes of Rumah Zakat brand and the possibility of reusing services in the future. Local Brand Competitiveness Level is measured from the tendency of brand use when compared with similar brands from abroad.


Advocacy is measured by conversations, recommendations, and advocacy by respondents, including in the online world. “Currently, we further optimize digital technology as the primary means to attract new donators and serve long-term donors. We also continue to build collaborations with various parties to succeed our mission that is empowering zakah funds for community development, “said Nur Efendi, CEO of Rumah Zakat.


This survey became one of the fundamental reference for Rumah Zakat to always provide the best performance for all related stakeholders. This is realized among others by realizing 1081 villages throughout Indonesia in 2017. Service units such as RBG Clinic, Sekolah Juara (School), ambulance, clinic car, and all that can be accessed free of charge by the people in need did not escape the priority. In addition, the commitment of empowering SMEs to a growing number of powerless Indonesians has become one of the enhanced focuses. Overall, this effort is made to empower communities and improve the quality of life of the community in a sustainable manner.

Not only in Indonesia, humanitarian activities were also carried out by Rumah Zakat in various conflict-ridden countries, such as Myanmar, Syria, Somalia, Palestine, and other countries. We would like to thank for the support and collaboration from donators, partners and the people of Indonesia who have been part of the growth of Rumah Zakat in Indonesia, Nusantara and the world. Hopefully more work can be made through various synergies for the country.

Yesi Mariska


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