JAKARTA. On Wednesday (22/11) was held the signing of the extension of cooperation of Rumah Zakat and ZIS Indosat in the management of zakat, infaq and alms of Indosat employees. The signing of MoU between ZIS Indosat and Rumah Zakat was conducted at Indosat ZIS office in Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta.

The occasion was attended by Nur Efendi as CEO of Rumah Zakat, Irvan Nugraha as Marketing Director of Rumah Zakat along with Wakhid Efendi as Chairman of ZIS Indosat, Wijayanto as the supervisor of Indosat ZIS and the board of Indosat SKI. The MoU signing was done by CEO of Rumah Zakat and Chairman of ZIS Indosat witnessed together with the board of Indosat ZIS who attended.

“During the year 2017, we have implemented partnership cooperation. The advantages of cooperating with Rumah Zakat are the speed in responding because it is supported by young and energetic human resources in accordance with the type of employee indosat. Insha Allah on that basis we extend the cooperation in the next year. We also learn how to manage the zakat management agency as a collector and distributors of zakat funds, whereas Rumah Zakat already has a clear program in the distribution of zakat, “said Wakhid Efendi in his speech.

Until the end of 2017, the management fund by ZIS Indosat with Rumah Zakat is used for the development of Empowered Village program in 15 locations in Indonesia to improve the welfare of the community. The 15 locations are Kulon Progo, Jakarta, Kendal, Solo, Cigugur (Bandung regency), Cimahi, Marunda (Jakarta), Indramayu, Sidoarjo, Mojokerto, Ponorogo, Bekasi, Bogor, Pandeglang and Tangerang.

The social program implemented to the community in Empowered Village area in cooperation with ZIS Indosat is the building of Inspiration Hall. Inspiration Hall is a place that is used as a central activity of community empowerment. One of the programs in the Inspiration Hall is Digital Corner Program, which aims to increase the interest of reading community, entrepreneurship development and community education. In addition, the focus of empowerment applied includes programs to improve the economy, health, education and environment.

“We start the Empowered Village program in June, with 15 village points built by Rumah Zakat and ZIS Indosat Alhamdulillah it’s running smoothly. This is such a strategic cooperation, mutual cooperation also complement so that the empowerment program runs as well as possible,” said Wakhid.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Rumah Zakat, Nur Efendi expressed his gratitude for the trust that has been given to Rumah Zakat as a social partner to continue to work together to build community empowerment.

“Our greatest thanks to ZIS Indosat for the trust to synergize and collaborate with Rumah Zakat. We also learn a lot from the synergy that has been established so far, the speed of delivery from Rumah Zakat to ZIS Indosat will be further improved. Assistance from the management and distribution side of the upcoming Indosat ZIS will continue in damping with technologies prepared for ease, “Efendi said.


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