ini-cara-sd-juara-cilegon-cetak-hafidz-quranCILEGON.Tahfidz and Qiroati is one of Local content lesson in SD Juara Cilegon. Although it is local content lesson, but the lesson has become a mandatory program to be followed by all students. Qiroati Tahfidz Lessons is an effort to help students in reading and memorizing the Qur’an.

As we all know in the development of technology today, many children prefer to play gadget than go rean Quran. So that not a few children today who cannot recite Quran. Therefore, SD Juara Cilegon hold Tahfidz lessons and qiroati, which is expected to help students to be able to recite and memorize the Holy Quran.

Read and Write Qur’an Using Qiroati Method guided by Mrs. Yani Herdianim 2 grade of SD Juara Cilegon, held from Monday to Friday

As case that is seen on Thursday (13/10) students of SD Juara Cilegon seen to follow Tahfidz lesson and qiroati. In Tahfidz and qiroati lesson, students are guided by teachers who are experts in their respective fields.

“By holding lessons and qiroati Tahfidz, may be able to realize the objectives of the establishment of SD Juara Cilegon, is one of them scored a Quranic generation and insightful. And I hope that when they graduate, they can be Tahfidzul Quran, ‚ÄúSaid Susanto as Principal of SD Juara Cilegon.


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