ini-sensasi-berbagi-dari-jumat-menabungBANDUNG. On Friday (11/04) Volunteer of RZ Bandung is back in conducting ‘Jumat Menabung’ (Sharing Meal package) by deploying 40 packs of rice to the needy in the area Kebon Kelapa, Bandung.

“The beneficiaries of this action are a pedicab driver, janitor, parking attendant or those of the poor that we came across.” said Dadan Taryono, volunteer coordinator of RZ Bandung.

Same as usuall volunteers shared directly the meal package, but sometimes taking the time to talk and eat together with the beneficiaries. “Sometimes we do not only give rice to them, but we also always took time talking with them, talking about family, children, and their wishes.” Said Sapto, volunteers who participate in the action

“From all the blessings that God gives, we very much hope that we can continue to perform ‘Jumat Menabung’ regularly on Friday ” he continued.

“For you, if you want to feel happiness that you did not feel before maybe one of them is here, if sharing with friend is a common thing, then Share to those in need is unordinary thing” He concluded.


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