intip-pembelajaran-kreatif-kurikulum-2013-smp-juara-pekanbaruPEKANBARU.Creative in teaching and learning has become a necessity for a teacher, because with creativity teachers are expected to continue to develop methods that can be quickly accepted by the students.

SMP Juara Pekanbaru as one of the schools selected as piloting of character education and implementation of curriculum 2013 began to develop a creative learning. Every teacher should be able to design creative and innovative learning programs. One activity held in this week is mentoring On Service K13 science subjects in 8th grade Andalusia.

In this activity students watched how the process of digestion, 8th grade Andalusia’s grade created their own model of the human digestive system with their respective creation. Some of students used plasticine, flannel and drawing paper. Afterwards each group presented the human digestive process based on the information they get from books and other sources.

Mr. Edi Suhendri, M.Si as assistant instructors were quite impressed with the creativity that served children in making the digestive system model that is very helpful in achieving learning competencies. “The children had to be accustomed to speaking in public in order to practice their language skills” He said.

Creative development program is expected to make the value of learning is more attractive in the future.

Newsroom/Adi Hamdani

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