LOMBOK. The arrival of Irfan Hakim at Rumah Zakat coordination post centre at the Green House Rumah Lombok, Jalan Sudirman, Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara on Saturday (1/9) gave a special impression for the volunteers who took part in the “Sharing” event with the artists. Starting dinner together, Irfan Hakim and volunteers told each other the impression of being a volunteer in Lombok.

Familiarity is increasingly felt when the sharing program begins. Especially when the man born in Bandung 43 years ago told how enthusiastic he became a volunteer of Rumah Zakat to Lombok, until his eyes were teary. “I don’t want to, at the end I will be asked by God, why am I not take part to help our brother in Lombok who is affected calamity. So I was very enthusiastic when invited by Rumah Zakat House, “he said.

Irfan Hakim’s activities as a guest volunteer of Rumah Zakat lasted until the second day. Sunday (2/9) Irfan Hakim visited the Lombok earthquake victims and was welcomed warmly by the North Lombok Regent Najmul Akhyar at his residence in Pemenang Subdistrict, North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. After a warm conversation, the Regent and Irfan Hakim’s group walked to the refugee camp not far from the place.

Without being commanded by anyone, residents automatically surrounded him while shouting hysterically to welcome the capital’s artists. Almost all residents did not waste the opportunity to shake hands, chat, until they took pictures with the smiling man. After going around and seeing the process of building a shelter in the camp, the group went to the refugee camp in Kandang Kaoq, Tanjung District, North Lombok Regency.

The crowd had filled the emergency mosque tent when the group arrived. Even though the volunteers have been guarding so that the residents do not surround Irfan Hakim, the joy of the people who are in mourning is not stopped. They shouted while running and welcomed him.

At the camp, Irfan Hakim invited the children to study and play in the Emergency School. After inviting singing and distributing several books as gifts for children, Irfan Hakim went to the public kitchen to see the condition.

Irfan Hakim immediately talked to one of the grandmother who was cooking in a public kitchen, the excited grandmother immediately hugged and kissed his cheek. In the public kitchen, Irfan Hakim helped cook and also enjoyed the menu for the refugees. “It’s really good, you are a good cook”, he said while putting a spoonful of rice and side dishes into his mouth.

After almost two hours there, Irfan Hakim and his entourage finished the visit. Before boarding a vehicle, Irfan Hakim visit the collapsed condition of the house and immediately told the net citizens through his social media account. “Look at the condition of this house, just like a few seconds, it collapsed,” said Irfan Hakim speaking to netizens in his IG Story.

“Alhamdulilah, I was destined to be able to visit and see the conditions here (Lombok). I am grateful to be able to chat and feel what the refugees feel. Thank you Rumah Zakat for giving me a chance and invite me here. Hopefully my friends will be moved and help provide support for the residents here, “he added while traveling home leaving the refugee camp.


Lailatul Istikhomah

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