By: Moch Hisham

One day, a group of people came to Hasan Albashri’s house. They aim to ask al-Hasan for advice on various life problems they face. Among them, there are those who complained about the poverty they experienced. His economic condition was so bad that he was unable to bear and meet the needs of his family.

Others, ask about his desire to get a baby. They have long desired the presence of a baby in their domestic life, but have not yet been blessed. Meanwhile, the others are farmers. He was very insecure about the earth where he planted. How could he not, after so many years of cultivating the land, he never once reaped abundant yields.

Instead, the plants were damaged due to drought and barren land. All questions from various people were answered by al-Hasan Bashri with just one sentence, Istighfar! Hearing that all the problems were answered by saying “Istighfar” made Rabi ‘bin Shahib even ventured to ask, O Al Hasan, many people who come to you complaining about various things and asking (help) various kinds to you.

But why only istighfar do you make as a solution to the way out? ” Al Hasan was silent, then he only recited a few verses from Surah Nuh as follows: So, I (Noah) said to them: “Ask forgiveness to your Lord, truly He is merciful. Undoubtedly He will send you heavy rain.

And multiply your wealth and your children and establish for you gardens and establish (also in it) for you rivers. Why do you not believe in the greatness of Allah? “(QS Noah [71]: 10-12). The story contained in the book Hasyiyah al-Shawi ‘ala Tafsir al-Jalalain by Imam Ahmad Ibn Muhammad al-Showy al-Maliki, gave important lessons which lays a solution to the various problems that plague our lives.

Istighfar as a solution to the various problems of life can be understood from several things. First, saying Istighfar means to ask forgiveness for sin and as purification of self. People who purify themselves are those who will get luck, including obtaining a solution to his life’s problems.

Secondly, Istighfar is a way to see self-deprivation, when we say Istighfar, we will see our sins and mistakes, because the meaning contained in istighfar is muhasabatunnafsi, namely correcting various things that we lack to be repaired.

Third, take steps to keep yourself from easily slipping on mistakes and sins. When we always say Istighfar, we will be careful in our actions and focus on one point, namely acting within the frame of Allah’s ridho.

These all become a way for people who always say Istighfar to get the solution to their life problems because istighfar is a way to get help, protection, and love from Allah SWT. If Allah has loved His servants, Allah will always be with him, protect, help him, and grant his prayers that make his life problems can be overcome and get what he desires. Wallahu’alam.

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