JAKARTA. Volunteers of Rumah Zakat Jakarta distributed aid to the victims of the fire disaster at Rawa Bambu, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta on Friday (11/08). Fires occurred during the day due to electrical shortage in one of the houses affected by the fire, due to the fire of 15 houses burnt.

There were about 33 families whose houses were affected by the fire, there were no fatalities, some of them suffering only minor shocks. Some of the victims fled to neighboring homes that did not experience a fire.

The extinguishing process was done with 3 fire trucks, at the location of the fire had also been erected post tent. The aid distributed by Rumah Zakat in the form of 120 cans of Superqurban beef corned and worth clothes (PLP). For now there is a lot of help coming from various institutions that have helped in the form of basic foods, clothing, medicine etc.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat for the help, may be useful for the people affected by this fire accident. “Said Mrs. Eka, one of the victim.


Newsroom / Dea Sukamra

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